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  • From 72,50 p.p. (ex. btw)
  • Amsterdam
  • 7 Hours
  • Including
    • Entrance museum
    • lunch with coffee and tea
    • guide and game program
  • Minimum Persons
  • 20



Adventures in the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmusteum it is! Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a place where age old classic masterpieces of art are well preserved and exhibited to the public. Your day in Amsterdam starts with a tour of the top pieces of the Rijksmuseum. Then a well deserved lunch will follow and the afternoon is about an unforgettable teambuilding with the exciting Citygame ‘The Mole’.

Rijksmuseum it is!

In two hours you will go on a guided tour through the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The guide will show you all the top pieces of the Rijksmuseam during this tour. After ten years of remodeling, renovation and restoration, the Rijksmuseum re-opened in April 2013. Everything is new! A whole new setup of the museum, a fully renovated building, new public facilities, a new garden, a multidisciplinary educational center and a brand new Asian Pavilion. Only Rembrand’s world famous ‘the Nightwatch’ returns to its original position. In 80 different rooms, 8,000 objects will tell the story of 800 years of Dutch culture from the Middle Ages to the present. The finest art and exciting stories can be found in the new Rijksmuseum!


You will have a delicious lunch at a nice restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam.

Welcome to Amsterdam

Get ready for a lot of teambuilding in Amsterdam with the City Game ‘The Mole’. You will work on brain teasers, several assignments and knowledge questions, just like the celebrities of the TV show. You have to earn as much money as possible.  This money will be saved during the game. But unfortunately there is a big obstacle. Every team contains a ‘mole’ who will sabotage the games as much as he can. Are you able to unmask the mole during the city game? The questions and assignments will take you to the most beautiful places of Amsterdam. At the end of the day you will find out which team is able to unmask the mole and therefore wins the money. In short: An unforgettable day with adventures in Rijksmuseum!

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Adventures in the Rijksmuseum - v.a € 72,50 p.p.