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  • From 104,50 p.p. (ex. btw)
  • Amsterdam
  • Hours
  • Including
    • Eventmanager
    • Location
    • Fingerfood
    • Video recording
    • 3 drinks per person
    • Bouncer
  • Minimum Persons
  • 20



The party gets crazy

A party that you won’t ever forget. A special night, with a lot of fun! Evertything is allowed and possible! The crazy night party gets crazy is mostly about movies, television and games. You can dress yourself as a television star or an character from a game. We will take you to the times of Pacman, Super Mario and heroes such as Batman and Spiderman. Call it a crazy night or a game night, we guarantee you endless fun in this party in Amsterdam.

The DJ will arrange a good atmosphere when you come in, while nice snacks and drinks will be served. The photographer takes pictures of the the funniest and craziest moments. The evening starts with a quiz about the television and game world. After the quiz, everyone can do something they like to do. It’s a city game where you’re allowed to do what makes you happy. For example recording a video clip, a game corner, a bouncer, an illusionist or drinking a tasty beer. The evening ends with a mounted video on a big screen with all the clips that are recorded that evening. How fun!

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The party gets crazy - v.a € 104,50 p.p.