Top Tours & Events organises events in Amsterdam 

Are you looking for a unique experience during your company outing in Amsterdam? Top Tours & Events has a wide range of all kinds of events like a canal tour, a theme party, workshops, city walks and city games. We are one of the leading events companies in Amsterdam. We are specialized in business to business events with a personal touch. 

We stand for quality, passion, fun and creativity. We have a full service agency and are able to organise every part of the event from the catering until the logistics. We can organise one of the more standard events on our website or we can organise a event based on your wishes and requirements. Top Tours & Events is all about experience in and around the city of Amsterdam, enthusiasm and high quality guidance during your event in Amsterdam.

Culinary Festival

€109,50 p.p.

This is a culinary festival you should not miss during your visit in Amsterdam.

Party; We love Vegas!

€74,50 p.p.

Spoil your guests with a smashing party in an environment of glitter and glamour that you only see in Vegas!

The party gets crazy

€104,50 p.p.

A party that you won’t ever forget. A special night, with a lot of fun!

Party In the Spotlights

€69,50 p.p.

Your company and your employees will be at the centre of attention during this LED party.

Amsterdam Evening

€72,50 p.p.

An evening full of entertainment, music and cosiness make for a guaranteed succes to young and old people!

Traditional Dutch Games afternoon

€51,50 p.p.

Think about games such as Memory, four in a row, the tangram and old fashioned shuffle board!